Patient centric journey for large dental support organizations

From the moment patient schedules all the way up to checking out of a visit, tuuthfairy modernizes the patient journey by automating front office workflow

Automated calendar

  • Available and accessible where patients are (google, yelp, facebook)
  • Intuitive patient centric experience
  • Empowers patients to manage their schedules including rescheduling
  • Schedules are reflected in practice management software automatically 24/7

Automated Communication

  • Combines all channels of communication (email, text, phone) into a single inbox organized by patient
  • Automatically responds to incoming communications such as request for rescheduling or when front office misses a call. Say goodbye to missed calls!
  • Every communication is logged and tracked for oversight and tied to production
  • Reminder when combined with Scheduler empowers patients to manage their appointments, including rescheduling